Trend Alert: Ghillie Ties

by Ashley Culpepper February 24, 2016

Spanish Sunsets
Being the fashion crazed ladies that we are, it is our goal in life to stay on and ahead of trends. Trends come and go rapidly and so it can be quite the task to keep up!

You have to read fashion magazines, watch what's on the runways, keep up with social medias the list goes on and on. Well today you're in luck, we have a very special TREND ALERT for you! 

At Poetic, we strive to find trends and then make them all our own! This is exactly what we have done here. Let's start with the trend. Two words, Ghillie Tie. The Free Dictionary defines a Ghillie Tie as, "a shoe without a tongue and with decorative lacing up the instep." It's a shoe trend that is absolutely huge this season and so, we have for you, our own play on the idea. It comes in the form of the wedge and we call it Spanish Sunsets. We are absolutely obsessed with it; it's cinched in and tied up to perfection. A shoe that's perfect for any spring outing or activity and is on trend, yes please! 

Next, take a look at how we plan to wear it (it's still cold here but hey, we can dream of spring). One of our favorite things about spring is the sun, and with the sun comes the warmth and with the warmth comes short sleeve dresses. This cute short sleeve dress has bows, patterns and a deep V-neck (all things we love). Accessories come next, stack bracelets stand out and are definitely on trend; then all you have to do is add some studs, sunglasses, lip gloss and a clutch. We'll wait for the perfect sunny day to show off this outfit! 

Don't forget, Spanish Sunsets, they're on trend and they're coming soon. So, be sure to keep a look out love, you're going to need a pair in your closet! 

Spanish Sunsets by musthaveshoes-com featuring a deep v neckline dress

Ashley Culpepper
Ashley Culpepper


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