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by Ashley Culpepper March 22, 2016

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Day In My Dreams blogger, Kristina Petrick, can't get enough of the Talullah! She's sporting the Steel Talullah in her most recent post "on the edge of nothing". In this post, she talks about purging her closet of her winter clothes and breaking out all the spring things! 

"With spring approaching, it’s time to get a start on wardrobe cleansing (those piles on my floor are just getting taller) and living life as a minimalist has become far from the truth. Pieces that make it through the purge will need to be carefully selected to get my item count back to a reasonable level. My hangers are literally overlapping at this point… yikes. Anyone else over ready for Spring cleaning? Priority “keeps” should always be anchored in strong classics and quality materials; the rest, choose carefully my loves!"

We love her minimalistic style and the way she wore the Talullah is perfect for spring weather. Steel isn't really in your color palette? Not to worry, you can also shop it in Dry Leaf or Butterscotch! What is your favorite spring staple? 

See Kristina's full story HERE 

Shop the Talullah HERE 

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Ashley Culpepper
Ashley Culpepper


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