Easter Wardrobe Musings

by Ashley Culpepper March 24, 2016

Sizzling Climate

Sizzling Climate

It’s about that time to head off for the splendid Easter weekend. Whether you are planning to spend it with family, friends, or taking time for yourself, we know you want to look fabulous while you are out and about. 

The Easter holiday is notorious for several traditions; delicious food, divine sweets, the dauntless egg hunt ( we see you rolling your eyes but we know you want to participate) and best of all, Easter dresses. If you were the child who received a special dress for the holidays while growing up we know you have been working on what to wear. Old habits die hard you know.   

With the warm weather quickly approaching we are all about embracing the thong sandal trend once again. Our Sizzling Climate shoe is brand new and comes in two perfect wearable colors. We especially love the cork as it pulls any outfit together with it’s fun, playful texture (don’t forget the cute bow!) Not only is this shoe incredibly stylish, it’s made for pristine comfort. Your feet will thank you after you have spent the day participating in a variety of festivities. 

Throw on some luxurious red lipstick, your favorite ear and arm candy, as well as an adorable heart cross body bag and you are ready to conquer this holiday weekend. Everyone will think you are the perfect reflection of Spring with your pastel getup with the right pops of colour. 

We know you are in love with this look so what are you waiting for? The Sizzling Climate is available online now with Poetic Licence. It’s the perfect addition to your priceless Easter wardrobe as well as a perfect must have shoe for spring. Be ahead of the trends and sport our look. 

Besides, who want’s to follow a trend when you were born to set one? 

Happy spring lovelies!


Sizzling Climate by musthaveshoes-com featuring tarte

Ashley Culpepper
Ashley Culpepper


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