Making a Home in Historic Downtown

by Elizabeth DeMeo October 14, 2016

Lynchburg realtor Victoria Bartholomew modeling the Elevated Fairytale from Poetic Licence.

At Poetic Licence, we’re all about celebrating the uniqueness of women in everything from personality to fashion and beyond. So we love learning more about amazing and lovely ladies who do awesome work in the community, and have a great sense of style to boot!

Lynchburg, VA native and historic homes realtor Victoria Bartholomew is one of these ladies. And we recently had the amazing opportunity to feature her in a photoshoot for the Elevated Fairytale (one of our latest fall styles).

Not only did we grab some amazing pictures around Lynchburg’s historic district, but we also got the chance to learn more about the work that Victoria has done with her job and volunteer work in the community. Taking photos inside her home, we got a sense of her incredible eye for interior design – and we got to meet three of her adorable kitties. (She actually has five indoor cats, two outdoor cats, and a dog!)

Here’s part of a Q & A we recently had with Victoria:

Tell us more about your love for old, historical homes. How did it start?

My love of historic homes comes quite naturally as I was born to parents who loved and valued historic architecture. The newest home I've ever lived in was built in 1925.  When I was a teenager I worked afternoons and weekends on the complete restoration of my father’s house in Diamond Hill - pulling wire, tiling, installing the kitchen, stripping shellac, heat gunning paint and much, much more.  It was hard work, but it gave me a much greater appreciation for all of the quality details that go into an historic home.

How would you describe your style inspiration - in both home decor and fashion?

I would describe my interior design style as modern vintage, as funny as that may sound. I lean towards saturated tones (especially on wall colors, as I'm never one to shy away from a bright color) and then mix in greys and whites as neutrals.  I'm particularly fond of mid-century furniture pieces, as they are usually in sleek modern forms with warm coloring. 

My personal style often is less colorful, I'm quite the fan of black but lean towards that same modern vintage styling, I love a-line skirts, dresses and pencil leg pants.

Lynchburg realtor Victoria Bartholomew modeling the Elevated Fairytale from Poetic Licence.

What is the most rewarding part of your work?

I absolutely love owning my own house, and so the most rewarding part of my job is helping other people achieve that goal as well. It’s extremely rewarding to see someone get those keys and walk into the home they own for the first time.  A home is the start of many new adventures and I'm grateful to be a small part of such a big change in someone's life.

What does your average day look like?

Ask any real estate agent and they’ll say that every day is completely different, which is part of what makes this job interesting!  I tend to take care of paperwork and answering emails in the morning, and then do showings and appointments in the afternoon, with many of my evenings being filled with board meetings for one of the many organizations I'm happily a part of.

Lynchburg realtor Victoria Bartholomew modeling the Elevated Fairytale from Poetic Licence.

Tell us more about the work you do in the local community.

I serve on the boards of Lynch’s Landing, the fifth street CDC, Grassroots Local Market, and the Diamond Hill Historic Society.  As a resident of downtown and a specialist in its historic districts, I am particularly passionate about the continual revitalization of our downtown.  I believe Downtown is not only the heart of our city but what defines it.

Why do you believe it is important for people to get involved with local initiatives and community work?

I believe it’s important to embrace where you live and that you have to help create the community you want to be a part of.  As a person in our city, I think you have to be involved to see anything change. There is so much room for opportunity here, you can be the first one with an idea and make a true difference.

Elizabeth DeMeo
Elizabeth DeMeo


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