by Ashley Culpepper February 10, 2016

Feminine Encounters

"Love, Love, Love, Love. Love is all you need" February, the month of love, no one said it better than The Beatles (Especially in February) love is really all you need.

Love, Your Sole Mate

by Ashley Culpepper February 08, 2016

mhs musthaveshoes blog valentines dayHello lovebirds, it's February again and you know what that means; Valentine's Day is just around the corner! How will you be spending the day of love this year?

The Mountains Are Calling

by Ashley Culpepper February 08, 2016

polyvore otbt the mountains are calling

The weekends are always full of potential for adventures and this weekend, for us at OTBT, the mountains are calling. That's right, we are headed skiing.

Boots, Boots & More Boots

by Ashley Culpepper February 04, 2016

must have shoes madeline boots

As there are still many weeks left in boot wearing weather, we want to highlight some of the must have riding boots of the Madeline Fall 2015 line.

Show Season With Nicole

by Ashley Culpepper February 03, 2016

show season nicole shoes blog mhs must have shoes

It's that time of year again, show season! All of us at Nicole are SUPER busy working to bang out some fantastic new styles, displays and catalogs so we can put our best foot forward at all of our February shows.

Pump Up With Poetic

by Ashley Culpepper February 01, 2016

must have shoes pumps poetic licence good n ready
Good morning lovely ladies, we have arrived at yet another Monday and we are feeling a bit sluggish. This weekend was filled with many hours of fabulous fun and we were all tuckered out as we headed into the office this morning.

College Casual

by Ashley Culpepper January 29, 2016

college casual fashion polyvore blog mhs musthaveshoes

We, of course, have many different shoes that are everything a college girl needs in her closet (at an affordable price, cause we know what it's like to be a broke college kid) but we want to give you a complete back to school look.

Wanderlust Wednesday: Blackwater Creek

by Ashley Culpepper January 29, 2016

must have shoes otbt green lake blog wanderlust
Wanderlust Wednesday is here and so we would like to share with you one of our most recent wanderings. This segment of OTBT's Wander Lust Wednesday brings you to the Blackwater Creek Trail.


by Ashley Culpepper January 21, 2016

must have shoes otbt snow day boots winter
In case you haven't heard, winter snow storm Jonas is about to blast the East Coast! We, of course, want everyone to be safe and warm throughout the storm but let's get real, who doesn't love a snow day? Here at OTBT we love a good snow day (probably because we get to bust out some of our favorite shoes) and we are prepped and ready to help your feet battle the cold.

Style Feature: Feminine Encounters

by Ashley Culpepper January 19, 2016

must have shoes poetic licence feminine encounters blog
Hello lovelies, how are you managing on this Tuesday afternoon? Today we have had a very busy morning and so, we need a pick me up to take us through the rest of our day.

Coming To Your Closet This Spring

by Ashley Culpepper January 19, 2016

Yeah, yeah it's only January (we know that warmer weather is still a ways off) and we don't know about you, but we are WAY tired of the cold weather.

Style Spotlight: Custer

by Ashley Culpepper January 15, 2016

must have shoes otbt custer blog
The end of boot season is drawing near, so we wanted to take a moment to throw the style spotlight on this unique OTBT boot!