Travel Near, Travel Far, Travel Tilton

by Ashley Culpepper January 07, 2016

OTBT: Tilton

The life of a travel enthusiast is ever changing. Some travels take you far away from home, to new places you have yet to explore, and some travels take you right into your own back yard, for adventures you never imagined. Some travels take you to warm and sunny lands and some travels lead you down a cold and chilly path. But, for those who love anything involving travel, like us here at OTBT, nowhere is too near or too far to create memories that will last a life time. 
As in all travel, comfort is key; you never know where or how far your feet will take you. This winter, OTBT has the perfect travel bootie for you, the Tilton. Comfortable, stylish and durable this leather boot will stick with you through the wildest of adventures. So, dress warm, grab your camera and a back pack then head out into the world, cause you're ready for anything the travel lifestyle can throw at you! 
OTBT: Tilton by otbtshoes featuring home wall decor

Ashley Culpepper
Ashley Culpepper


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