Style Feature: Feminine Encounters

by Ashley Culpepper January 19, 2016

must have shoes poetic licence feminine encounters blogHello lovelies, how are you managing on this Tuesday afternoon? Today we have had a very busy morning and so, we need a pick me up to take us through the rest of our day. We were pondering what would lift our spirits, when we stumbled across these beauties, and what's a better pick me up than a style feature? Nothing, that's right. 

So, for your afternoon delight, we present to you, from Poetic's 2016 Spring Line, Feminine Encounters. This fabulous pump comes in three different colors (Black, Red and Grape) and no matter which one you like best (or if you just can't choose and buy all three) you're sure to be looking like a fashionista. We're just obsessed with the floral lace, the heel size, the strap across the front AND it's a closed toe shoe, which makes it a great fit for the transition from winter to spring. Literally everything about this heel is perfect and it definitely screams feminine, that's why we have to have it; we're ladies and we're proud of it! 

Now, let's talk outfits. We have a great Poetic Licence shoe and so, of course, we need a great outfit. This particular time, we wore our Feminine Encounters and a red dress with, that's right ladies, more flowers! Then, we simply added a little black clutch and let our bare legs feel the breeze. As it's still a bit nippy out there, lets talk outfit options. Again, we are ladies, and what do ladies love? Options, that's right. If you're like us and love dresses no problem, this heel looks just as good with tights or knee highs, patterned plain or lace, seriously the options are never ending. Not feeling a dress? Looking for something a little more casual? No problem, any color skinny jean would look super cute. Then you can pair your skinny jeans with a fun floral top and a blazer or a chunky sweater and an infinity scarf. Again, the options are endless! 

So ladies, we hope that this special Style Feature has given you the strength you need to carry on with the rest of your day. But, if you're sitting there still feeling a little glum, shop for your own pair of Feminine Encounters. A fabulous afternoon gift is sure to bring you the excitement you need! 

must have shoes poetic licence feminine encounters blogmust have shoes poetic licence feminine encounters blogmust have shoes poetic licence feminine encounters blog

Ashley Culpepper
Ashley Culpepper


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