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by Ashley Culpepper January 29, 2016

Madeline: Bless You Too

Madeline: Bless You Too by musthaveshoes-com featuring a purple button down shirt


Christmas break is by far one of the best times of the year for any college student. It's a month off from the hustle and bustle of the hectic collegiate study schedule. You're at home where your mom is so happy to have you home that she will wait on you hand and foot; doing your laundry, cooking you great meals, and (if you're a shopaholic like we are) take you shopping. It is always a majorly depressing time when you have to turn in your pampered life and head back to the dorm and study life. Of course you are happy to be back with your friends and not having someone checking on you 24/7 is nice too but still, there's something great about that break.

As we are now well into January, just about everyone has headed back to school to start their Spring semesters. Sometimes it's hard to get back into the groove of things (new classes, new schedules, new boys, we could go on) BUT, we think we have some things that will make getting back at it a little easier. We, of course, have many different shoes that are everything a college girl needs in her closet (at an affordable price, cause we know what it's like to be a broke college kid) but we want to give you a complete back to school look. So, with that being said, we have for you, a great and affordable bootie, the Bless You Too. This fabulous bootie comes in three different colors (Black, Pewter and Rich Brown) and it's everything you want in a bootie; cute, comfortable and versatile.

Versatility is key, especially in college because there are so many things that you will want to wear a shoe for (class, going out & work, to name a few). We always love to show you guys how we would wear it and so let's talk about this outfit! Denim is always a go to and these skinny jeans are perfect for tucking into the bootie, plus we love the ripped knees. Flannels are in, simple as that. They are cute, go with everything and you can dress them up or down; so what's not to love about that? Pair this flannel with a army green trench coat an adorable watch and some simple pearls and you're good to go. We wouldn't be able to head to classes without our laptop (seriously we know that a college student's lifeline is that computer).

So, don't dread the new semester, check out all the great things that Madeline has to offer your closet. Everything in life is a little easier when you have on a great outfit (and a great shoe!). And hey, Spring Break will be here before you know it!


Ashley Culpepper
Ashley Culpepper


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