Boots, Boots & More Boots

by Ashley Culpepper February 04, 2016

must have shoes madeline bootsAs there are still many weeks left in boot wearing weather, we want to highlight some of the must have riding boots of the Madeline Fall 2015 line. This season, there were so many cute boots, booties and shooties to choose from.  As a fashionista, you are well aware of the fact that you can never have too many boots! In the past few years riding boots have become a staple to countless outfits for countless occasions. Each year they are a little different, they have studs, zippers, chains, buckles, jewels etc. They also come in a variety of colors, I bet you never knew how many different shades of brown there were. All of those factors are why one pair just isn't enough and why closets all over the world are bursting with boots, boots & more boots!

As far as a variety goes, we've definitely got ya covered, check it out. First up, the Buy It. Whether you shop it in Sandstone or Black (or both) it's got the extras you're looking for. Next up, the Booya. Did someone say buckles? That's what we heard; so this is definetly the boot for you. When you slip into this riding boot, you're gonna be grabbing people's attention with those perfect ankle embellishments. Plus, did we mention that it comes in three different colors? That's right, not needing another brown (Taupe) boot? No problem, we also have it in Black and Grey! Finally, we have for you, the Big-Deal. Hands down one of our most popular boots this season, the Big-Deal is a definite closet must-have.

So now that you are choosing between those beauties, let's talk outfits. For girls (especially fashionistas) talking about outfits and what we are wearing/going to be wearing never gets old. The great thing about boots is, you can wear them with literally anything and everything. Khakis, jeans, leggings, skirts and dresses the options are endless. The variety of outfit possibilities definitely plays a part in why this style of boot has become a staple in closets all over the world.

In the office today, we are feeling a little casual; it's rainy and so we didn't feel like dressing up too much. With that in mind here are some of the styles from our office today. A dark denim skinny jean looks absolutely great with the Big-Deal in Rich Brown styled with a navy long-sleeved tee and a cream puffer vest we have a casual work day outfit to die for (making a mental note for myself). Then we have a Buy It outfit. Featuring this style in Black we've got it paired with a fleece lined legging and a maroon oversized sweater; looks cute and cozy (currently having outfit envy). Finally we have a Booya outfit. This boot looks great with black pants, a peasant shirt and an infinity scarf (the office is full of fashionistas today). So, no matter which is your favorite, you're gonna find a Madeline boot that needs a new home, in your closet!

must have shoes madeline bootsbig-deal must have shoes madeline boots

Ashley Culpepper
Ashley Culpepper


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