by Ashley Culpepper February 10, 2016

Feminine Encounters

"Love, Love, Love, Love. Love is all you need" It's February, the month of love, no one said it better than The Beatles; love is really all you need (especially in February). Seriously, what is better than a whole day dedicated to love and affection? Not much as far as we are concerned. Do you have your special someone, do you have your eye on new a cutie pie or are you pumped about celebrating with your girls? No matter your plans, Valentine's Day is coming up quick!

There are many great things about Valentine's Day. Candy, Hallmark movies, cards, we could go on. We love those things BUT our favorite part is date night! A Valentine's date calls for a very special outfit and we LOVE outfits (especially when these outfits are fancy). This year we will be wearing a Spring 2016 Poetic style, Feminine Encounters! It screams Valentine's Day all the way from the heel to the color! Like we said, we enjoy dressing up so the shoes are a great start. Next we paired the pump with some patterned tights, our favorite LBD (little black dress), a shiny gold pea coat and some gold accented jewelry. Of course, we could never leave the house without our cell and lipstick so that's part of the ensemble too! 

Now, moving on to the date night plans. When you're headed on a romantic VDAY date it doesn't always have to be expensive in order to be romantic. Some date ideas that aren't often thought of include watching the sun rise, making a desert bar (um YES PLEASE), building a fire or doing all three! Of course there's always the common classics like, a nice dinner and a movie or going out of town. But don't forget, it's the day of love, so no matter where you go or what you do, if you're with your sweetheart that's all that matters.

Finally, we can't have a VDAY post and not mention another holiday favorite, presents (YAY)! When you are in love giving presents is almost as fun as getting them (even though they require a lot of thought). But, no matter what gift you land on for this VDAY, you have to include a card. Mushy-gushy, funny, homemade or all three, there are SO many great cards to choose from on Valentine's Day. Cards are a classic VDAY tradition and we love picking them out! We also can't wait to see what cards we receive on this year's day of love, but something else we are looking forward to is a heart shaped box of chocolates :) 

We hope you've found this helpful and we hope your VDAY is full of spoiled love and laughter! And hey, don't forget to take us with you (on your feet of course). 

Feminine Encounters by musthaveshoes-com featuring an iphone cover case

Ashley Culpepper
Ashley Culpepper


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