How To Wear Statement Shoes

by Elizabeth DeMeo July 12, 2016

irregular-choice-amys-lasagne-statement shoes

Hello lovelies! Have you been inspired by any unique fashion statements recently? If you’re like us, then you’re probably still obsessing over Lou Clark’s wonderfully quirky style from the movie Me Before You. And of course, one of the staples of Lou’s wardrobe is her colorful collection of shoes.

Statement shoes, like the ones Lou wears, are so incredibly beautiful and unique. Each shoe feels like a work of art on your feet. Of course, wearing these styles can seem a bit intimidating at first. You might be wondering, “Can I pull this off?”

Yes, you can wear those shoes! And you’ll look absolutely stunning in them! Today we’re going to look at the Irregular Choice styles in our new Me Before You inspired collection and show you how you can wear them.

1. Design the outfit around your shoe.

Let’s start out with the Love Birds by Irregular Choice. This lovely little slingback sandal has an adorable little butterfly sitting right on the toes. This particular shoe is yellow, with a little bit of a white and light teal blue pattern along the sole. If you were styling around this shoe, you’d want to keep the colors and the butterfly in mind and find ways to incorporate them into your outfit. We also need to keep balance in mind. The shoe is predominantly yellow, so we don’t want to overdo that color in our outfit. Take a look at how we’ve styled it.


Irregular Choice: Butterfly Summer

Irregular Choice: Butterfly Summer by musthaveshoes-com


As you can see, we start off with a plain white dress and add in the rest – the teal blue cardigan with the white polka dots, the yellow belt that will go around the waist, the teal and white chevron bag (to add another fun pattern into the mix), and the white sunglasses. Don’t forget the butterfly earrings and ring to complete the look!

2. Keep your outfit simple.

If you wish to draw attention to your shoes, then consider keeping your outfit simple. Check out what we’ve done with this style, Amy’s Lasagne. These wedges are so colorful and detailed – with an intricate woven texture on the heel. Obviously, we don’t want the outfit to overpower the shoes.


Irregular Choice: Colors of Summer

Irregular Choice: Colors of Summer by musthaveshoes-com


So we kept it simple – red shorts, white off-the-shoulder top, a woven bag, and some fun blue and red jewelry to match the colors in the shoes.

3. Have fun!

When all is said and done, there are really no rules to wearing statement shoes. The important thing is that you have fun, feel confident, and embrace a style that’s totally you. Here’s one last outfit we’ve created, with the Mermaid Find in Green. We love how much these shoes resemble Lou’s “leprechaun shoes” from the movie.


Irregular Choice: Mermaid Find

Irregular Choice: Mermaid Find by musthaveshoes-com


What are some styles that speak to you? Share your style inspiration with us in the comments below. And be sure to check out our collection of Me Before You inspired shoes!

Elizabeth DeMeo
Elizabeth DeMeo


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