Irregular Choice Halloween Inspiration

by Elizabeth DeMeo October 26, 2016

Irregular Choice shoes can make the perfect finishing touch to any Halloween costume!

Halloween is right around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited! We believe that you’re never too old to celebrate Halloween. After all, what could be better than getting a chance to dress up in a crazy costume and consume ridiculous amounts of candy? Why should the kids have all the fun?

Of course, putting together the perfect Halloween costume is no easy feat. The hardest part always seems to be deciding what you want to dress up as. If you’re having trouble figuring it out, no fear! We’ve put together three great costume ideas for you, featuring our favorite Irregular Choice styles. Take a look and see if any of these strike your fancy.

Lady Gaga


Irregular Choice Halloween: Lady Gaga

Irregular Choice Halloween: Lady Gaga by musthaveshoes-com featuring leather bags

This is for all the Little Monsters out there. Lady Gaga will always keep us talking with her avant garde performances and her outrageous fashion choices. Why not pay a tribute to her eccentric style for Halloween? For this look, we went with Lady Gaga circa. 2008, back when she released her hit single Poker Face. We tried to capture the essence of her style – platinum blonde wig with blunt bangs, heavy neon blue and black eye makeup, a monochrome one-sleeve bodycon dress, and light blue fingerless gloves. To put it all together, we selected the Anna Bells Trolley boots in Black Leather. Their bold lines and loud leather design just scream Gaga, don’t you think?

The Mockingjay


Irregular Choice Halloween: Mockingjay

Irregular Choice Halloween: Mockingjay by musthaveshoes-com featuring a pendant necklace


Big fan of the Hunger Games? Why not do a look inspired by the iconic Mockingjay? We came up with this idea once we saw Irregular Choice’s Love Dove style. These amazing heel-less shoes feature metallic birds that bear a strong resemblance to the mockingjay insignia from the books and movies. And their quirky, futuristic design looks like it came straight out of the Capitol itself.  For this look, we chose a gothic-looking dress similar to the one Katniss wears in the movie, with lace net tights, a fiery eyeshadow look, and of course, a mockingjay pendant. We think a costume like this could definitely be a knockout at any Halloween party. May the odds be ever in your favor.

A Kitty Cat


Irregular Choice Halloween: Kitty Cat

Irregular Choice Halloween: Kitty Cat by musthaveshoes-com featuring a knit dress


Last, but certainly not least, we have every girl's favorite Halloween look of all - the cat costume. If you're looking for something classic and easy to do, then this look is definitely the one for you. A simple black bodycon dress, face paint, cat ears and long black gloves are all you need to complete this Halloween ensemble. However, this kitty cat costume has an Irregular Choice twist. The Mumba leopard print heels can easily amp up this look. Dare we say they make the purr-fect touch?

So what will you be going as for Halloween? Whatever your selection, consider adding Irregular Choice. They make the perfect finishing touch to any Halloween outfit.

Elizabeth DeMeo
Elizabeth DeMeo


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