About our Favorite Brands


You love to travel but you're no tourist. No guidebooks. No sightseeing buses. No package deals. You know a country's best-kept secrets cannot be found between the pages of Fodor's or a slick brochure, but only found 'Off the Beaten Track.'

Constructed with only the highest quality materials, authentic colors and a tough sole designed for maximum durability and functionality, OTBT (Off The Beaten Track) is the ultimate travel shoe. OTBT is a global brand inspired by music, culture and lifestyle. If you demand unique shoes with original styling and utilitarian functionality, OTBT is the shoe to get you from here to there and everywhere in between.


Established in 1983. Nicole has been adorning women all over the world with our collection of rich vintage and combination era pieces known throughout the industry as a standard for design and quality. Our passion is to capture the most intriguing designs and wearability and to harness that into something so much more than just a shoe. We are the needs of every woman’s active lifestyle.

Work or play, nicole is sophistication, quality comfort and effortless style. We curate some of the finest grade of rich leathers and materials combined with modest heights and modern design to form something that’s as durable as you are. We know what it’s like to be wishing there were just a few more hours left in each day. Let us take you there, and everywhere.

Poetic Licence

The spirit of Poetic Licence is a celebration of all women. We are footwear designed to inspire women to embrace their authentic beauty, express their own individuality, and invigorate a zest for life.

Poetic Licence was born in 2005 in London, England. Our talented design team takes their inspiration from a love of things past and artfully incorporates modern design to create a line of beautifully unique footwear. Not soon after our inception, Poetic Licence products made their way across the waters and instantly found a new home in the United States of America where they continue to provide unparalleled vintage-inspired footwear.

It is our hope that we bring joy and excitement to all, and that Poetic Licence will be an avenue of the proud expression of who you are.


Calling all audacious, feisty, and spontaneous women! MADELiNE shoes are for you.

There's a time in women's lives when they're feminine charms are so potent, they literally rule the world. Daring, impulsive and sexy, these little she-devils charge the night with their feminine energy... and they do it best in MADELiNE shoes.

MADELiNE is a fearless collection of couture footwear that boldly bridges the gap between high-style and affordability. Intriguingly impulsive and unabashedly uninhibited, MADELiNE confidently delivers up-to-the-minute design at an attainable price.


Dimmi is more than a shoe- it's a brand with a cause. Dimmi features shoes designed for all women with an unstoppable affinity to sunshine, color and life. Styles are created to brighten your day, and the days of many others in need, with a pledge for good.

So what exactly is our pledge? It's 100%. 100% of Dimmi's profits go to further medical research. 100% good may seem like a big commitment, and it is. It goes beyond creating the best product. It’s developing best practices. It’s working to generate manufacturing solutions with sustainable methods and materials. It’s encouraging genuine relationships and collaborations—learning from life’s experiences and finding inspiration in real stories. And, it’s devoting all wholesale profit to advancing cures across the medical community. It’s not an effort, it’s a promise- one we aim to make 100% good on. So get out, look good, and feel great about it.

Irregular Choice, Mutiny

Want to fit in? Find a different shoe. IC Mutiny is about standing up, standing out, being an individual, and celebrating existing as a rebel without a cause. Multi colored, multi textured, irregularly shaped, and unlike anything you've seen, yet oh so wearable… Introducing Irregular Choice Mutiny, the funky little sister of Irregular Choice.

Irregular Choice began in London in 1999 by Dan Sullivan as a reason to stand out from the crowd. Dan saw a global demand for something different, individual, and something to wear with pride. Dan's global perspective and fearlessness translate into the design of the shoes. An Irregular Choice shoe is not like any other you’ll find. Dan doesn’t listen to what’s happening in the fashion industry or what another brand may be doing, which is what makes Irregular Choice designs completely unique and truthful.